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Round 6: Challenge 8: Voting

I was gonna give you guys extra time, due to my extreme lateness, but everyone entered challenge 8, so Im gonna post the voting :)

And I posted the voting for challenge 7 just before this, so don't forget to vote there as well - challenge 7 - voting

-Vote for your 2 favorites. Remember, you're voting on the quality of the icons!
-Please provide a reason for why you've chosen that icon, this is NOT mandatory, as long as you vote for 2 icons, your vote will be counted.
-If you vote for more or less than 2 icons, your votes will not be counted.
-Voting is not weighed, so you don't have to vote in order of preference
-Do NOT vote for yourself, or get your friends to vote for you. (However you CAN ask your friends to vote, just don't tell them which icons are yours, or which ones to vote for).
-Voting is screened.

Voting Sample
# : reason (optional, but would be appreciated)
# : reason (optional, but would be appreciated)
1 2 3
4 5

The following people still need to enter challenge 9:
Challenge 9 - The Venture Bros! - Due Sunday, May 10th@ Noon
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