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I refuse to give up my obsession

New Mod - Hi

Hello everyone,

Before I start making a bunch of posts I thought I better make a post introducing myself and explain what is going on with the community.

I'm endlessdeep and I'll be your new moderator for the community. I wanted to start a TV rumble community of my own, but when I discovered this one and saw that it hadn't had any activity in a while I thought it couldn't hurt to ask for it. lol.


__yourbestbet__ has very kindly handed me the reins to tv_rumble to do with as I will. She'll be sticking around and I really hope she likes my ideas for breathing fresh air into her baby. Thanks __yourbestbet__

Currently, I am in the middle of Round 4 at truebloodrumble. I have about three years experience running rumble communities and before that I participated in the rounds at btvsats_rumble, also run by our very own __yourbestbet__. I loved it so much I was inspired to start a couple of my own rumble communities and now here I am adopting one.

First I want to let everyone know that I will not be finishing out Round 6. I'm very sorry about this, but I want to take the community in a new direction and start from scratch. Please view those five challenges in Round 6 as individual challenges and we will move on to Round 7.

Like a said, I want to try something different for this rumble community. I'm hoping my ideas will get more people interested in participating.

This is what I have planned.

First, and I think this will be the most fun, everyone will get to pick there own TV show or TV mini-series to icon throughout a round. Just like in a "20 in 20" challenge everyone will have a different show. TV shows will be assigned on a first pick basis. The pace here will be much slower than a "20 in 20" challenge. So you'll have plenty of time to participate in other icontest communities, or if all you have time for is making one icon a week, this will be perfect for you.

Second, the challenges will all be technique based or theme based. For instance the technique based challenges will focus on cropping, coloring, use of negative space, contrast for black and white icons, multiple image, blending, text use, etc. For the theme challenges you will be asked to make an icon featuring a certain emotion, a certain color, a place, an object, etc.

I'm hoping the fact that participants get to pick their own TV show will make it more interesting for everyone involved.

Those are the main changes. Other changes you will see in the rules on the User Profile page.

Updates and New Layouts

I've gone through the affiliates and removed any communities that have not had activity in the past two months. If one of those communities is yours please feel free to re-apply for affiliation once your community has become active again. btvsats_rumble is an exception because it is a sister community.

In the next few days I will be posting some new entries to the community to get ready for Round 7. There will be a new affiliates entry, page a mod entry, a new past rounds and challenges entry, I will post the Round 7 sign up entry and after that a banner makers volunteer entry.

Please tell all your friends. Anyone is welcome to join the community and anyone may help out with voting if they don't want to participate in the round, but just want to watch.

Last, please take a look around. I've updated the layout and the user profile page. I really hope you like the changes.

Thanks for reading. :)
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